Free Standing Lace

Free Standing Lace

beautiful Free Standing Lace will be posted here

If you purchase 4 single machine embroidery designs you will automatically receive the 4th design FREE your cart will calculate this as soon as the 4th design is added.

This does not apply to the Embroidery machine design sets.

VERY IMPORTANT   after your purchase is complete please download immediately and then open the design to check that all is OK

some of these Free Standing Lace designs will be available as singles and others will be sets

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[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=213]

[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=212]

[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=211]

[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=210]

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[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=40]

[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=65]

[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=44]

[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=43]

[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=5]

[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=4]

[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=3]

If you require another format for your Free Standing Lace please email and I will see what I can do for you



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4 Responses to Free Standing Lace

  1. maria says:

    angels look lovely, but do you have them for a 4×4 hoop? thx

  2. Maria
    sorry they are only for the 5 X 7 hoop

    at this stage I have no plans to redigitize these designs
    but if I have enough interest future ones I will make the 2 sizes

    sorry I couldn’t help you


  3. maria says:

    thx for the info……..

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